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Meaning of runes

Many people are interested in the meaning of runes. Depending on the previous knowledge, this question aims at the magical meaning of individual runes, sometimes the meaning as a letter. Both interpretations are justified.

Meaning of runes as characters

Originally runes were the letters of an alphabet, this rune alphabet was used in different variants from the 2nd to the 14th century. The runes in Scandinavia were the origin of the runes, and runes were also used in other European regions.

The rune alphabet was rarely used for everyday communication between people, but almost exclusively for the decoration of monuments, weapons, jewelery and utensils. The meaning of the individual runes corresponded to this:

  • Single letters or sounds, as in today's alphabet,
  • numbers or
  • objects (eg man, horse, sun), which gave the name of the respective rune.

The sequence of several runes, for example, on historical runes, is then to be interpreted as the juxtaposition of sounds, which together form whole words and sentences.

Meaning of runes as magic symbols

In the early days very few people could write, the simple people appeared to Scripture as something magical. If weapons were equipped with runes for items such as "Conquerors" or "Fighters", they hoped to be able to recharge their weapons magically.

The science assumes that runes were also used as an oracle early on, but the magical significance of runes as magical symbols is now completely obscure. Today's magical interpretations of runes are rarely older than 100 to 150 years, although often referred to as "ancient".

The various runes-esotericists did not derive the magical meaning of the runes from historical sources, but invented them or claimed that the magical meaning of the runes had been communicated to you through visions. Sometimes the runes-esoterists invented not only the meaning but also the new runes. This does not happen during the demonstration of the runes clairvoyant.