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Clarvoyant free readings: a warning!

There are many people who are hoping not only for professional but also for free help by talking to a good consultant. But help, which on the one hand is comprehensive and good, on the other hand is free, is very rare. Quality has its price, whether you call or send an email. Why this is so, you can find out here.

Help with card-laying, clairvoyance or divination can help you in difficult situations and complicated decisions about love, work and finance. The goal is that not the consultant but ultimately you yourself make the decision and keep control of your life. It is not about making you dependent on the advice, until you can make even the smallest decisions without advice.

A free talk is risky - no matter whether you are using fortune telling, clairvoyance, card reading, life counseling or channeling, whether on the topic of love, profession, finances or health, whether by phone (fixed line / mobile) or mail!

A free talk, although fortune telling and clairvoyance should be a sporadic achievement?

A serious consultant will therefore only rarely offer themselves as a free consultant in really difficult situations. Since there are rarely several consecutive dates, only a few serious providers offer comprehensive advice through a free talk. They would otherwise lead almost free calls, would not generate revenue. At the most, a conversation to get to know, without comprehensive advice, is occasionally offered by reputable card readers.

Free talk as bait to create dependency

It looks different with a dubious consultant who wants to drive you into a dependency. They ultimately want you to conduct weekly or daily conversation. Until you are around the clock and no longer only occasionally want a conversation to partnership or career, but without consulting even want to decide which clothes you wear in the morning. These consultants initially offer comprehensive advice through a free talk, in order to shed your confidence in making you dependent.

Also consider: A good card reader, a good fortune-teller must take time, open up to her medium and for you as a counselor. This costs time, energy and strength. The service of every good fortune-teller, every good card-reader is very much in demand, she can not invest this time and energy in ever new free conversations.

Free talk with the clairvoyant: Quality has its price

Not every consultant who offers a free conversation is untrustworthy! Especially if not the advice itself, but a preliminary talk is offered free of charge, this can be quite a fair offer. In individual cases, even a comprehensive initial consultation can be possible in the context of the free calls.

But the more a free talk is advertised, the more cautiously you should consider the offer before you call the consultant or write him an email online. Also, if you find many positive reviews online for this consultant. So that you do not go to the worst of a consultant who wants only your best - namely your money. And who uses the free talk as bait. So be cautious: Then it will not only work with the consultant, but also with profession, love, finance and health. Please do not hesitate to give positive reviews to this consultant.

Allow me to give you a hint: If you feel that you too often ask your consultant to call or call back, write an e-mail too often, then have a break and meet your own decision - completely without life advice, Tarot-Kartenlegen, Hellsehen and Co. Or use the definitely harmless demonstration of the runes clairvoyant.