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  • Please think of a two-digit number, for example, the number 63
  • Subtract both digits, which make up the number, from the imaginary number: In the example: 63 - 6 - 3 = 54
  • Search the table below for this result (in the example: 54) and note the symbol that is on the right.
  • Click on the button "Read my mind now" and the clairvoyant will show you the Rune you have noticed.
Runes tab

You want to know how the clairvoyant is doing this?

Are you impressed by this clairvoyance experiment? Does a clairvoyant have supernatural abilities, can she really read minds? Or can not everything be explained by the magic of the fortune-teller, but scientifically and mathematically?

The answer is retained by the clairvoyant. But I have compiled some information on the topics of runes, fortunes and mathematics. This information will help you to understand how the clairvoyance works here. Too complicated? Then share this page with Facebook, maybe your friends will come up with the riddle:


As a clairvoyance - free of charge or at a cost - one calls different methods to look into the future and thus to predict the future. Frequently, this is an attempt to answer questions about love, relationship, profession, financial affairs and health. The most common methods of an clairvoyant are astrology, chiromancy (hand-reading), card-laying (eg Tarot, Lenormand, Angel cards) and the throw oracle, where the future is predicted by throwing certain objects. Some of these practices of clairvoyance, typical of a fortune-teller, such as entrails interpreation, oracles, tarot cards, horoscope, crystal ball and dream interpretation, have been practiced for hundreds of years in divination.

Even today, many clairvoyants have a great influx of all population groups. Even some politicians and managers can be advised by a fortune-teller. In many of the real or online offered, usually not free services, it is to be assumed that the clairvoyant itself is not convinced by the seriousness of the predictions. This also applies to fortune-tellers who do not work for free. But there are also some online fortune-teller who works seriously.

Clairvoyants use Runes as (magic) characters

Early on, some of the clairvoyants used runes: Runes are the ancient characters of the Germans. From the second to the fourteenth centuries, they were mainly carved in utensils and ancient monuments. There were not only letters, but also number and magical runes. The use for magical rituals by fortune-tellers is thus already many centuries old.

From the 19th century runes gained popularity again: on the one hand they were taken for ideological or political purposes. On the other hand, they gained importance in esotericism. However, the historical symbols ("Futhark"), which were used here, were mostly not used, so some fortune-tellers put on their own symbols.

Divination or science and mathematics?

Science and mathematics on the one hand and mystical-esoteric phenomena on the other form great opposites. This also applies to the free fortune-telling with runes and of course also for the experiment of the clairvoyant shown here. The following is true: Not everything that can not be scientifically and mathematically explained is supernatural. However, scientific-mathematical approaches often explain such phenomena only to a limited extent.

Is there a scientifically-mathematical explanation for the free online clairvoyance experiment shown here? Perhaps you find an answer to this question, if you devote yourself to the characteristic course of the graph of the sum of the digits function. I wish you a lot of success in the search for answers - whether you are using an online fortune-teller or the mathematics for help. And I hope the info on this page about free clairvoyance are helpful and entertaining.